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Sometimes, you just need another voice in the Production Room.


Let me throw you some energy, email a partial script to hear for free.

All Formats OK

DAW is using Adobe Audition CS6.


All audio formats available.


Cold voice is quickest, fully produced will cost more.


Anyway you want it -Journey 1980.

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Who knows? I could be available right now.


If not, leave a message and play a game of Chess

Stuff I do

FPS online gaming; Steam, Origin, and Blizzard. "Machinates" -Youtube and Twitch.


Join us for the release of Battlefield 2042 October 22. (128 player matchups)

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Broadcast Journalist -Morning News Anchor

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Lance Pry dot net



One day I was at College in San Diego, CA. The next day, after a phone call from Dave Van Stone, I started broadcasting at Top-40 KLUC 98.5fm in Las Vegas, NV. Moments later the grand-kids are calling me pop-pop. It seems like yesterday when Theia slammed into earth wedging itself into the Pacific Ocean off the East coast of Africa. A portion of the debris would later become Earth's only satellite. Lucky for us, that violent collision is what created the seasons on this planet. Still, why did India get the best, and most bountiful spices in all the world?

I won't bore you with stuff that's supposed to go here, so let's have a manly laugh.

Lance Pry

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