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Professional Voice-overs & Characters

Internet Presence Provider (IPP)

Lance is the President of ONAIRLA

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VO Downloads

Sometimes, you just need another voice in the Production Room. Let him throw you some energy, a strong voice, people will listen to. Call to action, or a story to be told. Available Monday through Friday, 8a-5pm Pacifc.

VO Downloads

Please specify special formats. Recording studio is using Adobe Audition CS6. WAV and/or MP3 48k Sample will be sent to you unless another format is requested.

VO Downloads

Lance schedules email checks at 6am - 9am - Noon - 3pm Weekdays. Pacific Time Zone. Please call if you need immediate attention. LANCE@ONAIRLA.COM -- 702.259.8949

Lance Pry

My passions include sports, Broadcasting, graphics, pyrotechnics, building high-end computer systems, around the home upgrades, and Website development. My teams are, the Raiders, and the Padres. Hockey and NBA, Kings and Clippers respectively.

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Voice-overs & Characters.
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Internet Presence by ONAIRLA

Web master by the hour. Blogs, Wordpress, FTP, all Internet services included.

If you need the horsepower and full resources of a speedy server, know you'll get all the capabilities usually considered only available with the bigger guys. What you want. When you need it. ONAIRLA / Lance Pry servers come in one speed; fast. Multi-core processor servers with high-performance computing nodes.

Get exactly what your business needs. Keep it just as long as you need. Dedicated resources. Complete control. That's just the beginning.

Scale. Migrate. Our dedicated servers are truly integrated behind one management system (including mobile apps, web portal, and full-featured API) and global network. Globally distributed. Fully connected. It's all available out of multiple data centers in the US, Asia, and Europe, integrated by a high-performance private network. Deploy instances in Singapore, dedicated servers in San Jose, and connect them as if they were in one rack—with no back-end network charges or additional connectivity products to buy.

Up to 5 page Website written in HTML5 (scales to all devices - Phones to Big Screen TVs and No Flash means it will work on Apple and PC) with email accounts and a complete control panel w/ stats and SEO: $500 for the complete build. A Web site like this one, with your own colors, textures, and interface. First year of service and graphic design included.

$15 an hour for Web Mastering your Web Site changes. One hour minimum.

$120 a year for the server. Most accounts, unlimited bandwidth. Includes Domain Name renewal.

Contact Lance to get started.

Your Control Panel Interface.

Video tutorials are included to teach you how to get the most from your Server.


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