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Sometimes, you just need another voice in the Production Room. Let him throw you some energy, a strong voice, people will listen to. Call to action, or a story to be told. Available Monday through Friday, 8a-5pm Pacifc.

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Please specify special formats. Recording studio is using Adobe Audition CS6. WAV and/or MP3 48k Sample will be sent to you unless another format is requested.

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Lance schedules email checks at 6am - 9am - Noon - 3pm Weekdays. Pacific Time Zone. Please call if you need immediate attention. LANCE@ONAIRLA.COM -- 702.259.8949

Lance Pry

My passions include sports, Broadcasting, graphics, pyrotechnics, building high-end computer systems, around the home upgrades, and Website development. My teams are, the Raiders, and the Padres. Hockey and NBA, Kings and Clippers respectively.

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Voice-overs & Characters.
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The Venetian Hotel / Casino Las Vegas - Human Nature 1.34MB

Sports X Radio "7PM OPEN"


:60 Commercial V/O Demo

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On The Jason Bourne 5 Set

Lance on Jason Bourne 5 Set


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