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VO Downloads

Sometimes, you just need another voice in the Production Room. Let him throw you some energy, a strong voice, people will listen to. Call to action, or a story to be told. Available Monday through Friday, 8a-5pm Pacifc.

VO Downloads

Please specify special formats. Recording studio is using Adobe Audition CS6. WAV and/or MP3 48k Sample will be sent to you unless another format is requested.

VO Downloads

Lance schedules email checks at 6am - 9am - Noon - 3pm Weekdays. Pacific Time Zone. Please call if you need immediate attention. LANCE@ONAIRLA.COM -- 702.259.8949

Lance Pry

My passions include sports, Broadcasting, graphics, pyrotechnics, building high-end computer systems, around the home upgrades, and Website development. My teams are, the Raiders, and the Padres. Hockey and NBA, Kings and Clippers respectively.

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Voice-overs & Characters.
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Hello and thanks for stopping by. Click any of the "VO Downloads" links to download my latest Voice Demo from this server. The Zip folder is small and should only take a few seconds. If you have any questions or problems with the download, feel free to give me a call. It's OK to send me a partial scrip for a test read. Turnaround is usually a few hours, traditionally a little longer, later in the week. Please include the details of what you are looking for; this will help me understand the read and deliver a few different vocal variations of the script.

Cold Voice reads are sent in WAV and/or 48k sample MP3 format. I record in Adobe Audition CS6 and many formats are available. Let me know if you want another type. Thank you for the opportunity to do what I love to do. Hopefully it will work for you and your team.


Lance Pry 702.259.8949

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