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We will keep this short as to not bore you too much.

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Sometimes, you just need another voice in the Production Room. Let him throw you some energy, a strong voice, people will listen to. Call to action, or a story to be told. Available Monday through Friday, 8a-5pm Pacifc.

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Please specify special formats. Recording studio is using Adobe Audition CS6. WAV and/or MP3 48k Sample will be sent to you unless another format is requested.

VO Downloads

Lance schedules email checks at 6am - 9am - Noon - 3pm Weekdays. Pacific Time Zone. Please call if you need immediate attention. LANCE@ONAIRLA.COM -- 702.259.8949

Lance Pry

My passions include sports, Broadcasting, graphics, pyrotechnics, building high-end computer systems, around the home upgrades, and Website development. My teams are, the Raiders, and the Padres. Hockey and NBA, Kings and Clippers respectively.

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Voice-overs & Characters.
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Kenneth MorrisLance has one of the best voicess in the industry. I don't understand how he is not a multi-millionaire like that of Howard Stern. I hired Lance to do a voice over for one of our investment presentations and it was distributed nationwide to over 1,000 investment advisors. We got rave reviews on our presentation. If you are looking with a professional voice over and some who will put together a top notch power-point presentation look no further. Lance is the guys for the job. Thanks Lance for all the help you have provided me and my firm.

Kenneth Morris Director of Business Development at Reliant Life Shares, LLC



Chris De MarcoLance is a 30 year veteran of Las Vegas radio. Lance has been at many successful radio stations and groups; his repertoire includes production, live reporting, promotions director, sports, and much more. Lance is self motivated; as long as I have known him he is in control of any situation he faced. Through his experience he has gained a feel for the business that is rare among his peers. He has mutual respect from fellow broadcasters and certainly from me. Lance has always been professional and is an asset to any team.

Chris De Marco, Air Talent Centennial Broadcasting



Dr. DaliahLance is so extremely talented both on air and behind the scenes. We worked together while I broadcasted from KDWN. Its rare to see people in radio who have the capacity to entertain audiences, report news, as well as manage the studio. Lance is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Daliah Wachs, Physician / Radio Host




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