Lance Pry - Media Handyman.

The voice dude on the Radio. Social, eye catching, coding, nerd included.

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Voiceover Within Hours

Sometimes, you just need another voice in the Production Room. Lance understands; let him throw you some energy, a strong voice, people will pause to listen to. Call to action, is the story to be told. Market exclusive. Available Monday through Friday, 8a-5pm Pacifc. PayPal / Barter. Your first script / job is always free.


Lance has been schooled by Adobe in the creation of graphics and icon design. For over a decade, Lance has been working with digital graphics. Illustrator and Photoshop; mastering the current version CS6. From full sized street billboards to flyers promoting your next event, most projects can be completed in 24 hours. Go here to see some samples of Graphics and Art work.

Internet Development

Lance leases several server farms throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe. Local businesses, to full blown world wide productions, we can handle any sized Website along with large amounts of traffic to your site. Our servers offer extensive control panels for detailed traffic logs and more. A lot more. We build in next generation HTML5.

Lance Pry

My passions include sports, anything radio, graphics, social media, pyrotechnics, building high-end computer systems, around the home repair, and Website development. People around me say I'm in my 50's, but I don't know what they're talking about. My teams are, the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm and the San Diego Padres at Petco Park. Hockey and NBA, the Kings and the Clippers up North.

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Voiceovers, Broadcaster, Graphics, Internet, Webmaster.
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Welcome to the Website.

This is a place where you can see and hear the work of Lance Pry. One title does not fit Lance as he has always wanted to know more and, how does that work? As a kid, he was busted many times taking apart his father's expensive machines and gadgets just to see how they worked. The busted part came into play when things were not put back together properly, and the next use by Lance's father would result in a failure of the equipment followed by an immediate interrogation. As Lance grew up, he realized, the only was to keep from getting busted, was to be sure everything was done properly, and tested several times for dependability.

A philosophy Lance has taken with him over the years, has kept him from getting busted by clients because of his care to do the job properly, and test it several times for dependability.

Lance began his Broadcasting career in the mid 80's at a Top-40 radio station in Las Vegas. He was a part of a different generation of Radio Jock. It was a time when a DJ had more freedoms to keep the flow of a Radio station on track and the faithful listeners entertained for hours on end. Back in a time when the voice on the radio had passion and a purpose and everybody knew their name. Not that Radio has done anything wrong, it was simply a time when your entertainment and information was exclusively obtained from a broadcast antenna.

Between the Internet and the broadcasting industry de-regulation bill of 1996, Radio seems to have become a much smaller community. Far fewer people, doing a lot more of the creativity is good for business, but, is it good for the community? The jury's still out on that one. The mystic realm of Radio will always be a fascination to Lance. The trick of getting someone to listen to you, talk to yourself for the most part, is quite the trick. Preparation, confidence, desire are all good to take into a control room, but it's that little something extra that the listener hears, and in turn, enthralls them. That connection between a Radio personality and the listener; it's like fishing to Lance, and he likes to take a big ol' stringer with him to the Radio Ranch.

In the 2000's Lance wanting to learn more about computers and Networking technologies, took up computer repair and trouble shooting classes offered by Dell computers for their Las Vegas customer service shop. Lance was certified an expert in PC computer technologies by Dell. His Internet business ONAIRLA started up and has been productive ever since. Extremely high quality, custom Websites with all the bells and whistles of all other major Internet businesses at great pricing is why our clients stay with us; some for nearly twenty years.

In order to keep producing custom Websites, Lance needed to learn Creative Arts to make designing easier to manipulate. Lance purchased the Adobe Suite and has been learning Photoshop, and Illustrator for well over a decade.

Lance believes if you love what you do for a living, you'll never work a day in your life. So there you have it; Lance's passions for your review and hopefully, an ally on your future projects. Take a look around and take up a listen or two.


Thanks for looking around.


70's 80's & 90's Phat Rock Radio 1660 Las Vegas


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